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Evocation of Buked

Dancer: Shawanda Corbett

Choreographer: Albert Corbett

Platform Designers: Harriet speed and Avian Evans-White

Evocation of Buked is a live performance exploring the biblical and social implications of disability during slavery. The piece portrays the experiences of undocumented disabled female slaves in post-colonial Mississippi. What happened to those on plantations who could not breed or physically work? What did these women see as able-bodied slaves escaped? What were the implications of their own well being and continued life? The Bible used figures with physical limitations and deformities as messengers or lessons that exposed the afflictions of society. The atrocities of slavery, the actions of their own families, and the misappropriation of biblical text were complicit in the silencing of disabled female slaves. Evocation of Buked captures their internal dialogue with God.

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