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I. The Beginning

Now Gallery​

Event: Now Later: there's no place like home.​

Date: 16 June 2020​

Performer: Shwanda Corbett​

Musicians: Patrick Bolton (keyboard)​

     Robin Jay (French horn and cornet)​

     Catherine Marriott (flute)​

The Now Later event series is developed around the question; what is built into an experience of blackness that offers us visions of a different future? Focusing on conversations, questions, responses and struggle, the programme centres the work of artists who are looking at the multiple intersections of the black experience to develop language for building a new world.  

This performance is from a series exploring the ways that we are all connected through breath. As we change the quality of our breath changes, becoming more or less precious at different stages of our lives. By foregrounding the interconnectedness of breath, how might we think differently about the quality of black and brown people’s life? Our breath is always already political before birth; 1.The beginning asks how we can capture and honour it before it is rendered less important, suffocated or taken away.

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