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Solo Exhibition: To The Fields Of Lilac

Salon 94, New York

For To the Fields of Lilac, her first solo exhibition in the United States at Salon 94 in 2022, Corbett has produced a series of ceramic vessels of different heights, shapes, leans and  glazes with violet hues. “I named the show To the Fields of Lilac to signal a continuation or a further narrative that thinks about what happens beyond ‘Wade in the Water’, the spiritual originally sung by slaves on their quest for freedom and thinking about how water became a signifier for protection for the enslaved on their road to freedom,” she said recently. “But what does it mean to actually be free? Are we really absolutely free in a capitalist, neoliberal society we find ourselves?” Alongside these sculptural objects are twenty joyous abstract paintings translating memories of childhood through a form of non-verbal storytelling expressed as vivid colours and thick black lines, shapes, and forms.

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