cyborg ceramics

Commissioned by Shape Arts Unlimited

cyborg ceramics new developing bodies of work in ceramics for a year.

The bodies of work are a reflection of cyborg theory in my personal practice, aesthetic in contemporary art, and text. Cyborg theory is a replacement of ‘disability’ or ‘disability theory’ because it is challenging the ceramics field and art field what an artist with a physical disability is usually expected to do by being the maker of my concept.

This past year, I developed the ceramic form and imagery separately. I left the naked terracotta at the dry stage and the imagery as screen printing at two-

dimensional stage. I researched the historically form development in several cultures. Egyptian glass, African vessels, and Middle Eastern ceramic utilitarian ware and architecture informed my selection of vessel making on the potter’s wheel with Japanese wheel throwing techniques. These forms are figurative because of the boundaries being pushed on the meaning of functional and the

foundation fundamentals elements to a vessel. Also, I like to push the vessel’s ability to balance on its own. 


The work consists of a mixture of utilitarian ware and sculptural/temporary architectural vessels. The surface is influenced by the early Renaissance panel

paintings and late Byzantine paintings. Image transfer is the technique, screen-printing, that creates texture like tempera and fresco paintings. These works are set to be installed in either galleries or rural outside locations temporarily.

ceramic artist: shawanda corbett

graphic designer: harriet speed


craft abilities, not disabilities: interview with shawanda corbett

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